For kidney transplant

Myths: Transplant patients need to avoid high protein foods.

Fact: After transplant, body needs more amount of proteins to help in healing and hence, protein does not need to be limited. In

Fact, for the first six weeks, protein consumption needs to be increased.

Myths: Transplant patients should avoid fruits.

Fact: Post transplant, fruits can be eaten, however, it is advisable to avoid raw fruits. They can be taken in stewed form to reduce the chances of infections.

Myths: Transplant patients should avoid curds and sour foods.

Fact: Curd contains good quality protein which is required for healing post-transplant, hence, curd can be eaten.

Myths: Transplant patients should avoid all sour foods.

Fact: Sour foods like lime, tamarind, etc cause no harm in transplant cases and hence they can be eaten safely.

Myths: Transplant patients should avoid foods containing seeds.

Fact: Foods with seeds like tomato, brinjal, ladies finger, guava, watermelon, etc are harmless and can be taken after transplant provided the other blood parameters like serum potassium are within normal range.

Myths: Protein supplements that are recommended during dialysis should be discontinued after transplant.

Fact: Protein supplements can be continued post-transplant after consulting your Nephrologist.

Myths: Patients can eat everything after transplant.

Fact: Post kidney transplant period involves a disciplined dietary intake and hence all foods items are not allowable, however, restrictions are not plenty and are dependent on the status of the patient post-transplant.

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