For Renal Stone

Myths: Patients with stone should avoid foods containing seeds

Fact: Foods containing seeds like tomato, guava, brinjal, ladies finger, etc need not be avoided by patients having kidney stones as seeds do not increase the potential of stone formation. Stones are of different types for example, calcium stones, urate stones, oxalate stones, etc. On the basis of the nature of stone, diet needs to be altered.

Myths: Patients with stone should avoid watermelon.

Fact: Watermelon does not increase the chances of stone formation; hence, it can be eaten.

Myths: Patients with kidney stone should completely avoid milk and milk products.

Fact: Milk and its products do not need to be avoided even if the nature of kidney stone is calcium stone. In fact, in such cases salt restriction is vital as excessive salt intake can lead to further stone formation. Hence, limiting salt intake is extremely important.

Myths: Patients with stone should take only barley water rather than normal water.

Fact: Any fluid is good enough as it helps in removal of stones. Patients need not have only barley water, they can take all fluids like plain water, lime juice, buttermilk, vegetable soups, clear soups, etc.

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