Myths: CKD patients should eat less.

Fact: CKD patients do not need to eat less food, they only need to have correct amount of food suitable to their stage of kidney disease.

Myths: CKD patients should stop protein intake.

Fact: CKD patients can eat protein but amount of protein should be reduced in such a way that it does not lead to undernutrition and helps in preserving health.

Myths: CKD patients should take more water.

Fact: Water should be taken in limited amount as excess water cannot be removed weak kidneys and hence there are more chances of water accumulation leading the swelling, breathlessness, etc.

Myths: CKD patients should avoid guava (peru/ amrud).

Fact: Guava contains low potassium and hence it can be taken by CKD patients.

Myths: Diabetic CKD patients should avoid pineapple.

Fact: Pineapple does not raise blood sugar and is also safe for CKD as it contains low potassium, hence, pineapple can be taken by CKD patients.

Myths: CKD patients should have low sodium salt.

Fact: CKD patients should avoid low sodium salt as they contain high amount of potassium.

Myths: Diabetic CKD patients should avoid rice and its products like kurmura, poha, etc.

Fact: Diabetic CKD patients need to reduce the amount of protein from diet and rice is a low protein ingredient, hence they need not avoid rice and rice products completely, however, in order to avoid raise in blood sugar, rice should be eaten with vegetables as it helps in controlling blood sugar.

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