Tips for Cardiac Ailments

  • The consumption of oil, ghee or butter per person per month should be restricted to half kg. 
  • Avoid all fried items like sev, gathia, chips, vada pav, samosas, etc
  • Avoid greasing the chapattis or bhakharis or parathas with oil or ghee.
  • Do not add oil or ghee to rice or khichdi while preparing or serving.
  • Dal should be preferred without tadka.
  • Avoid the consumption of coconut (dry and freash both), groundnut and dry fruits.
  • Amongst non-veg sources, strictly avoid mutton, beef, pork and egg yolk.
  • Egg whites- 1-2 per day can be consumed.
  • Fish / chicken – 3 small pcs twice a week can be taken, but in roasted or grilled or boiled form. Strictly avoid frying it.

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