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Myths: Fruits contain more proteins

Fact: Fruits do not provide proteins. They provide only carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Myths: Banana is a rich source of calcium.

Fact: Banana is not a rich source of calcium. Best sources of calcium are milk and milk products.

Myths: Vegetable oils are rich in cholesterol.

Fact: Vegetable oils do not contain cholesterol; however, they can give rise to increase in serum cholesterol when they are consumed in excessive quantity.

Myths: Low cholesterol butters are better choices than regular butter.

Fact: Overall butter is not a good quality fat as it contains saturated fatty acids which have the risk of increasing heart related diseases; hence, both the types of butters should be avoided.

Myths: All citrus fruits are good sources of vitamin C.

Fact: Not all citrus fruits are good sources of vitamin C.

Myths: Dry fruits are rich sources of proteins.

Fact: Dry fruits are not rich sources of proteins, they are rather rich sources of fats and hence they provide large amount of calories.

Myths: Skimmed milk is unsafe for consumption.

Fact: Skimmed milk is a very good option of first class quality protein and is extremely safe and healthy for consumption.

Myths: People who are overweight should consume artificial sweeteners rather than sugar to reduce calorie consumption.

Fact: Artificial sweeteners are not recommendable in early ages, they should be used sparingly and hence, it is better to avoid sugar completely rather than using artificial sugar.

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