Masala idli with paneer

Brief Description

Hypertension: yes, Diabetes: yes, Dialysis: yes, Transplant: yes.


Rice: ¼  wati ( 18g),

Udad dal: 1 heaped tsp ( 7g),

Capsicum, chopped as cubes: ¼ wati (25 g),

Onion,chopped as cubes: ½ wati (30g),

Paneer, diced into cubes: ¼  wati (20g),

Oil: 11/2 tsp,

Turmeric powder: ½  tsp

Red chilli powder: ½ tsp,

Garam masala powder: ½ tsp.

Cook Time

0hrs : 20min




Nutritional Facts

Carb(g) 25
Protein(g) 9
Fat(g) 8
Energy(Kcal) 228
Na(mg) 7.5
K(mg) 110
P(mg) 96


Soak rice and udad dal in separate vessels for 12 hrs and then grind it. Allow it to ferment for 12 hrs.

Use salt from the given daily allowance.

Now set the idlis in a stand. Allow to cook for around 10-15 mins.

After it is done, allow it to cool well and cut 1 idli into 4 pieces.

Now in a pan take oil, add onion, capsicum, paneer and idli pieces. To it add turmeric powder, red chilli powder and garam masala powder.

Mix well and then set every piece on a toothpick.


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