Plain dosa

Brief Description

Hypertension: yes Diabetes: yes CKD, non-dialysis: yes


Rice: ½ cup (20g)

Urad dal: 1/3 cup (10g)

Salt: from the prescribed daily allowance

Ghee: 1tsp

Cook Time

0hrs : 10min




Nutritional Facts

Carb(g) 20
Protein(g) 4
Fat(g) 5.5
Energy(Kcal) 145
Na(mg) 4
K(mg) 80
Ca(mg) 4
P(mg) 71


Wash rice and urad dal and then soak them seperately in water for 5-6 hours.

Grind and mix them together.

Allow it to ferment overnight.

Next day, add salt to the batter and water to make it medium in consistency.

Now take a non-stick tawa, heat it.

Spread the batter on it in a circular motion.

Add ghee and then cook it from both the sides.

Serve hot with dal chutney.


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