Tips for Potassium Restriction

Also known as Hyperkalemia

  • Avoid using coconut based or cashewnut based gravies for vegetables. 
  • Avoid fruit juices and coconut water
  • Avoid using coconut based or cashewnut based gravies for vegetables.
  • You may leach high potassium vegetables before cooking them. For leaching you need to peel, chop the vegetables and soak them in generous amount of water for 1-2 hours. Then discard the water and the cook the vegetables. Although this process does not remove the entire amount of potassium but it can be used to include more variety of vegetables in diet.
  • Similarly you can reduce the amount of potassium in dals by soaking them in plenty of water and then discarding the water.
  • Avoid chocolates, cocoa and aerated drinks.
  • Salt substitutes should be avoided as they usually contain potassium chloride.
  • Almost all food items have some potassium, so even a low potassium food item can turn into high potassium food item when taken in large amounts. Therefore, keep an eye on the serving size.

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