Rajgira parathas

Brief Description

Hypertension: yes, Diabetes: yes, CKD, non-dialysis: yes


Rajgira flour: 1 cup (40g),

Oil: 1 tsp (5g),

Ginger paste: ½ tsp,

Green chilli paste: 1/2tsp.

Roasted ground jeera: 1/2tsp

Cook Time

0hrs : 25min




Nutritional Facts

Carb(g) 25
Protein(g) 6.6
Fat(g) 7
Energy(Kcal) 190
Na(mg) -
K(mg) -
Ca(mg) -
P(mg) 262


Take rajgira flour and to it add ginger paste, green chilli paste, roasted ground jeera and salt from the daily prescribed amount and knead it into a dough. Keep some plain rajgira flour aside for dusting.

Make 2 small equal sized balls from it and roll it into small parathas, use flour for dusting.

Now roast the parathas on a nonstick tawa with ½ tsp oil each.

Serve them with curds. 

Note : Can be served with green chutney or curd.

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