Why Diet is Essential? A balanced diet should compliment the lifestyle and medicines if prescribed to a patient.
This not only helps the efficacy of the medicines , but helps the patient welfare in a very natural and subtle way.
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Healthy Recipes

Have a look at all the recipes that we have gathered to help you get a new start to healthy cooking. You can tailor your diet exactly according to your medical needs.

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Dalia khichdi with paneer

Protein(g) 5.5
Fat(g) 7.5
Energy(Kcal) 187
Na(mg) 7
K(mg) 144
Ca(mg) 69
P(mg) 151

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Doctor's Speak

Dr. Rajesh Kumar - M.D., D.M.

In our profession we have found that the best way that our medicines will affect a patient is using a balanced diet to compliment what we prescribe to the patient. What our patient's fail to understand is that their diet intake can be extremely helpful in solving many of the issues that they have due to the dosages of the medicine. Even if changing one's diet helps by 1 percent, it is 1% less they have to depend on medicines to do the same thing.


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