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Apex Home DialysisApex Home Dialysis offers a good and reliable home dialysis service for patients. It gives flexibility to patients to take the treatment at their convenient time. This is very helpful to patients who are employed or have their own business. Apex home dialysis technicians are well trained to handle the dialysis sessions at home and take good care of patients. Regular medical testing and periodic visits by dialysis coordinator and physician is helpful in monitoring patient's health and readings. Apex provides the dialysis and RO machines as well as all the consumables required for dialysis. Hence, patients don't have to source anything separately from the market. It is an all-inclusive service which makes it very convenient. While there is a cost attached to such a customized service, it is very convenient for working people or for patients who are bedridden and cannot visit the dialysis centre. Overall it is a good option for patients...

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Apex Kidney Care Labs provides packages customized for the needs of kidney patients. With state-of-the-art machines the results of the patients are something that helps the doctors diagnose the efficiently.

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Apex Pharmacy is here to help you take it easy! We are amongst one of Mumbai's top pharmacy for kidney related medicines.

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