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PG Diploma in Dialysis Technology

The Post-Graduation Diploma in Dialysis Technology course is a one year program consists Combination of Practical, Theory and Project. The one year program will be divided into 2semesters in a year.

These course have a strong component of skill based and Work Integrated training. This will provide learners the opportunity for higher education and better employment after completion of their graduation programme.

Based on University Grants Commission (UGC) guidelines and NSQF (National Skills Qualifications Framework) levels the curriculum is designed on the basis of 40% weightage for theory based courses and 60% weightage for skill based training.

Primary goal of PG Diploma in Dialysis Technology Program is to prepare accomplished professional in Dialysis Technology with a specific emphasis on Clinical Skills, Technical Knowledge which will enable trainee to function as independent Dialysis Professional. Trainees acquire the knowledge and procedural skills necessary to deliver high standard care to patients with Chronic Kidney Disease requiring Renal Replacement Therapy. They also will receive training to conduct research in field of Dialysis.

Eligibility for Admission
  1. Bachelor Degree in Science
  2. B.Sc. Nursing.
  3. B.Sc in Dialysis Technology
  4. B.Voc in Dialysis Technology

Course Duration: 1 Year (2 Semester).
Commencement of the session: 1st week of July each year / 1st week of January each year.

B.Sc in Dialysis Technology
B.Sc in Dialysis Technology

The primary goal of the Dialysis Technology Programme is to prepare industry-oriented professionals in Dialysis Technology with a specific emphasis on acquiring clinical and technical skills, which will enable the trainee to function as an independent dialysis professional and is also employment driven. B.voc programmes beginning with a Diploma Course and leading to Bachelor of Science - B.Sc in three years. Every individuals level / year is a stand-alone certificate recognized and awarded by TISS as deemed to be a university. Work Integrated programme designed in theory and practical.

Eligibility for Admission
  1. 12th Science.
  2. Equivalent to join directly at NSQF (National Skills Qualifications Framework) Level 5, based on their academic achievement.
  3. 12th Non science after successfully completion of bridge course in dialysis technology from TISS-SVE.

Course Duration: 3 Years (6 Semester).
Commencement of the session: 1st week of July each year / 1st week of January each year

Bridge Course in Dialysis Technology

This bridge course is designed and developed for students from non-science stream who are interested to take admission in B.voc courses / BSc in Dialysis Technology course. It bridges the gap between the knowledge of non-science students and their comprehension of science subjects.

Eligibility: 12thfrom Arts/Commerce background or non-science background or equivalent.
Course Duration: 200 hours.
Commencement of the session: 1st week of July each year / 1st week of January each year.

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