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Nephrologists and Hospital Owners

Apex is looking for partners with similar values for expansion. If you are a nephrologist or an owner of a hospital looking to start a state-of-the-art dialysis centre with minimum investment and no headache of day to day management and quality control, think about partnering with us. You can also outsource your existing dialysis centre to Apex. We assure you that your unit will be managed better, the patients will be happier and you will get better returns. This is because dialysis is our speciality and our core area of expertise in addition to the fact that the economics of scale tilts the balance in our favour. You can then concentrate on other areas of the hospital and be assured that your patients on dialysis get world class care.

Many hospitals have outsourced their dialysis centres to Apex –

Also we are called for doing dialysis in ICU at hospitals like Saifee hospital, Bhatia Hospital, Tata Memorial Hospital to name a few.

What we need is a space for at least 5 dialysis machines – ideally more than 10 to be more cost effective. Also needed is an adequate water supply, space for water treatment plant, water tank and generator (in case of power cuts).

We will invest in all the machinery and the day to day management which will also include the staffing. You will receive Direct and Intangible benefits both. We will discuss these benefits with you in detail.

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