For dialysis

Myths: Beetroot, dates, etc contain iron and hence they help in increasing level of hemoglobin.

Fact: Beetroot, dates, etc do not contain iron, hence they cannot help in increasing hemoglobin.

Myths: Salt substitutes can be used in kidney patients.

Fact: Salt substitutes like low sodium salt, etc contain potassium chloride which has potential to increase potassium in dialysis patients. Hence, they should be avoided.

Myths: More water helps in flushing out the toxins from kidneys.

Fact: In dialysis patients, as there is retention of water, more water is not recommended.

Myths: Dialysis patients should have salt less diet.

Fact: Dialysis patients should have less salt.

Myths: Dialysis patients should avoid non-vegetarian food completely.

Fact: Non veg items contain high amount of proteins and hence, they are preferred for dialysis patients.

Myths: Fruits provide proteins and should be preferred to improve nutrition.

Fact: Fruits are not sources of proteins; hence, they cannot help in improvement of nutritional status.

Myths: Dals and pulses should be avoided completely by dialysis patients.

Fact: Before dialysis begins, patients are advised low protein diet and hence, dals and pulses are avoided. However, once dialysis is initiated, they need to switch over their diet from low protein to higher protein. Hence, dals and pulses are not restricted.

Myths: Patients can drink more water during dialysis as this water can be removed through dialysis machine.

Fact: The water intake during the ongoing dialysis session cannot be removed immediately.

Myths: Good appetite can lead to excessive weight gain before dialysis.

Fact: Immediate weight gain is due to fluid accumulation and not due to improved appetite. On the contrary, good appetite can lead to increase in the dry weight which is gradual process and not an immediate process.

Myths: Dialysis patients should avoid fermented foods.

Fact: Fermented foods do not need to be avoided; however, it is advisable to avoid adding baking soda to make them fluffy. Dialysis patients can eat fermented foods like idlis, dosa, etc.

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