Tips for Diabetes

  • Avoid the use of sugar. Jaggery or honey should not be used as a substitute for sugar.
  • Avoid all food items made up of sugar, jaggery and honey, for example, sweets, chikkis, desserts, ice-creams, chocolates, etc
  • Reduce the consumption of rice. Instead of white rice, brown rice should be preferred.
  • Do not sieve the wheat flour while kneading the dough.
  • Avoid the use of maida based products like like naan, biscuits, khari, puffs, cakes, pastries, noodles, pastas, donoughts, etc
  • It is advisable to include plenty of green leafy vegetables in the diet.
  • It is advisable to include dals and pulses with skin in the diet.
  • Avoid the use of root vegetables like potato, kand, suran, etc.
  • 1 fruit a day should be preferred. Reduce the intake of high calorie foods like mangoes, bananas, chickoo, sitaphal and grapes.
  • Avoid fruit juices.
  • Reduce the consumption of coconut (dry and fresh both) and groundnut in the diet.
  • Avoid dry fruits.
  • Amongst non-veg sources, strictly avoid mutton, beef, pork and egg yolk.
  • Egg whites- 1-2 per day can be consumed.
  • Fish / chicken – 3 small pcs twice a week can be taken, but in roasted or grilled or boiled form. Strictly avoid frying it.

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