Tips for Hypertension

  • Avoid adding salt to chapattis, rice, salad, curds, etc.
  • You can add few drops of lemon juice, vinegar, amchur, salt free tamarind pulp, salt free raw mango pulp, green chillies, mixed herbs or oregano to make food more palatable.
  • Avoid papads, pickles, jam, jellies, sauces, etc.
  • Avoid the use of food items containing soda or baking powder like cakes, pastries, pasta, pizzas, donoughts, etc.
  • Avoid biscuits like khari, butter, toast, puffs, cookies and other salted biscuits, salted popcorns, salted chips, salted khakhras, etc
  • Avoid the use of salted items like salted peanuts, salted almonds, salted cashewnuts, etc.
  • Avoid the use of butter, cheese and other tinned items. However, homemade butter (makhan) can be used, but in restricted amounts.
  • Avoid the use of cold drinks and canned fruit juices.
  • Avoid organ meats like kidney, liver, brain.
  • Avoid fishes like lobster, salmon, sardine, all kinds of salted fishes, prawns and crabs.

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